Wednesday, 13 March 2013

1952 aerial photos of the creek.

Today I spent the afternoon in the National Library in Canberra. Through a combination of old maps, flight line diagrams and most importantly, the expertise of the map room staff I was able to look at photos taken 60 odd years ago. It was interesting to see where new suburbs have emerged, and at the same time how unchanged other parts of the landscape are. Thank you DGN for alerting me to this resource.


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  2. Seeing those overlapping airphotos -- did you try the stereoscope on them?

  3. I did try, with some success. I quite liked the plain old magnifying glass too.

  4. Is the bottom image where the creek meets the Yarra?

    1. Yes, the Yarra is very wiggly, and from other photos I looked at from the same flight path, the Yarra was flooded, so the water is mud coloured, different to the colour of the Merri water.


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