Friday, 29 March 2013

Day One

We got off to a lazy start this morning. 5.15 see you then. Perhaps this was due to the Good Friday Hot Cross Buns but more likely due to Helen and Gil's hospitality. We had a great night in the tent after a lovely meal and woke to a perfect Autumn morning.
This is the view across the Merri Valley from Helen and Gil's, a nice preview of our route- Mt Fraser in the middle distance.

The most lasting impression of the creek today (and it was only about 10km of frontage) was the way in which the landscape of the creek could change abruptly from one property to the next. One moment we would be wading through blackberries and then over the next fence we would find ourselves amongst native lilies (tricoryne), water ribbons, cumbungi, bidgie widgie, cherry ballart and more.

I wonder at the balance between hope and despair. The cadastral demarcations are revealed by more than simply barbed wire and star pickets. Are these boundaries defined by our aesthetic and cultural values as much as by our fences?


  1. There was some images of weeds gather before but are now gone?

    Love the shot of you smiling in those reeds. I must admit I thought "snakes!!" as soon as I saw it. Sleep tight!

    1. Yes, there were images of weeds... I'll re-post soon. Those reeds were clustered around the road and the bridge, it was a welcome site after kilometres of gorse.

  2. Hope it's only raining to fill the creek and unparch the ground, not to spoil the walk. Raining here at Maslin Beach.
    Log walking does not look safe.

    1. Perfect weather. No rain, lots of water in the creek.


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