Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day Two - fences and bridges

Today we walked about 16kms. We started off in Wallan on the Merri, the light at 8am was gorgeous. Mt Fraser glowed yellow in the distance. Around lunchtime we walked past Mt Fraser to circumnavigate our first 'exclusion zone'.

Mt Fraser
Merri Creek at Wallan, clean gaiters.

Lesley crossing a bridge near Walnaring

Katrina crossing the same bridge
We lost count of how many fences we climbed through or over. There was a lot of electric fences and barbed wire. We managed to avoid the barbed wire, but Katrina was zapped sometime after lunch across the middle of her back.
We also found a few tricky bridges, not all of them approached with enthusiasm, but nonetheless navigated with aplomb (see above).

Merri Creek enters Camoola
Walking along the Northern boundary of Camoola

and then along the train tracks

and finally to Merri Park
We reached Kate's property mid afternoon. Her creek frontage has had a lot of restoration work performed along its banks. The magnificent old Red Gums were a stately back drop to the soft sea of poas. It has been a delicious evening here in the wool shed, and we are all looking forward to a good night's sleep amongst the scent of lanolin.


  1. The photos from today seem to show a totally different landscape to those of yesterday. Today looks much more pastoral and farmed. Yesterday like a weedy urban water way. Love the theme emerging of the fences and the photos of the steeping over. xx

  2. Yes, the properties are much larger and livestock is farmed, cows, sheep and goats. Also, because we had to go around Camoola we were taken away from the creek and into tall pastures.
    Today will be more farmland, walking the rest of Merri Park and beyond.


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