Friday, 8 March 2013


Today was a pupil free day at the girls school, so they came with me when I headed out to meet and touch base with a couple of farmers. (Photo credit to Romy who snapped a few action shots. I'm glad she caught this lovely dog on film.)
We are walking east towards the creek, and towards the original blue stone cottage. Greg said he has a friend on a property some distance away who had the same owner way back when. Consequently she has a cottage identical in layout, architecture and materials on her place. The kit home or yesterday.
Driving back down the Hume the passage of the recent grass fires are already green with 'pick' (to quote Bill Gammage). To the west looking into the grasslands the black is now bright green. Unburnt grass, yellowed by the summer, curves into the new growth with perfect registration. The green and yellow combination is the result of fire followed shortly by 75mm of rain. The only real evidence of the terrible black smoke (to the untrained eye) is a few burnt out shipping containers and rows of eucalypts with bleached out leaves.
I think we have our itinerary worked out now. Thanks to everyone who has offered campsites or even roofs over our heads. Not to mention sage advice about fire, weather, snakes and livestock.

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