Friday, 5 April 2013

Behind the scenes - guest post from Lesley

Double rainbow on Mahoney's Road, on the drive up to our starting point at Heathcote Junction.
An auspicious sign, we hoped.

Camping adjacent to The Source at Gil and Helen's, the night before starting the walk.
Romola and Eliza. 7 of us sleeping in the big tent, Katrina snugly and sensibly in the one-man.

Cheeky, who likes vegemite toast for breakfast.

Eliza. Shoes off!
Day One: our fearless expedition leader.

Day One: Aphra on stand-by while Katrina pulls out some Cumbungi for us to eat.
The tender shoots coming out of the root section tasted a bit like radish.

Day One: Romola collecting walking sticks for the walkers.
Dave, David, Gil and the girls joined us for the first hour or so.

Day One: lunch at BB's farm, among the cow pats. Merri Creek at photographer's back.
Katrina, Rebecca, Michael and Ruth (providers of the ample and delicious sustenance).

Night One: sleeping in the ring at Wallan Scout Hall.
Rebecca, Katrina, Charlie (the Spoodle), Eliza and David (in the swag).

Night One: Rebecca's new Gortex is not only rain and snow-proof, but multi-tasks as sleeping attire.

Day Two: morning tea hovering over the Merri on the bridge near Camoola.

Day Two: lunch in a nondescript paddock - tinned tuna in corn wraps, banana and tahini on corn thins.
Maybe an apple and an almond / dried apricot combination. Merri Creek to photographer's left.
Note Rebecca's solar panel strategically placed at 45 degrees for phone charging (device aptly named 'Free Loader').

Day Two: a lovely soft brown farm dog joined us to his property's edge.

Night Two: sleeping like sausages in Kate's shearing shed.
Dinner in the shearing shed... delicious lasagne and a salad to die for. Certainly was a high point.

Day Three: Eliza and Romola hunting for Easter eggs at Kate's.

Day Three: Kate's dog Woodstock (Woody) walked with us for the first little while.
Day Three: lunch by the creek on Greg's property, courtesy of our Day Three companion, Caroline.
Much laughing on this day. Lovely rolls with prosciutto and cheese. Apples and chocolate.
'Free Loader' now at a carefree, jaunty angle

Night Three: our accommodation at Lockerbie, with Aphra providing context. Thanks for having us Hannah!
Night Three: we slept in the Boardroom, but had a shower, two camp beds and the capacity to make a cup of tea.
Caroline in the foreground, Aphra and Romy at the back. Rebecca in the shower. Dave ... busy.

Day Four: lunch among the Hawthorn trees - tasty sandwiches, grapes and Easter chocolates courtesy of Anna (above).
A gaggle of goats (not sure of the collective noun) watched on. Unclear if they were wild or domestic.
Merri Creek just beyond. Glenn, please note the green packet of 'moist towelettes' at the ready.

Beautiful birds' nests, Day Four (above left); Day Two (above).

Night Four: Eliza and Aphra on arrival at Margaret's farm.

Night Four: Soccer before dinner. Great entertainer. Should have thought of it earlier.
Night Four: Indian take away. Rebecca attending to urgent business (i-phone - friend of the modern walker).
David, Eliza, Aphra, Dave, Romola, Rebecca. Creek - somewhere to photographer's right.

Night Four: trusty tent at Margaret's property. No power. No toilet. No morning caffeine.

Day Five: started sunny, ended rainy. No companion walkers.
Rebecca looks quite buoyant though, don't you think?

Night Five: back at Miller Street. Phew. Gaiters, pockets, plant gatherings, backpacks spread out to dry.
Walking boots are beyond frame, toasting up on the heater.

Day Six: lunch in Fawkner, with Tony Birch. At a picnic table no less.
Left over curry for us. Date scones for Tony.
Merri Creek over Tony's right shoulder.
Day Six: Rebecca left her hat at home. Luckily, Dave's Greg Chappell hat was in the boot of the Subaru.

Day Seven: the familiar creek path in Thornbury. Eliza in foreground, Roseanne looking back.

Day Seven: the gang at Ilka's billabong. 'Free Loader' still free loading.

Day Seven: morning coffee at CERES. We sent Aphra and Eliza ahead to order!
Day Seven: lunch in Clifton Hill, just past Rushall Station. The curry feast leftovers continue.
 How many people did you buy for Dave?
A large contingent today, and a lovely warm, slow, contemplative amble to The Confluence.
From left: Jacqui, Roseanne, Ilka, Rebecca, Eliza, Romy, Aphra.

Day Seven: Dave approaching us as we approach The Confluence of the Merri Creek and Yarra River.
Aphra and Eliza were the first there - that's them lurking in the shadows.

Day Seven: walk complete.
I had such a great time Rebecca - many many thanks. xx

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  1. Interesting to see how different your photos are Lesley. Also I like the behind the scenes, being able to see how the whole walk took place with the tents and the families commuting up to join in. x


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