Monday, 1 April 2013

Day Four - in brief

Today we walked 19km from Lockerbie through to the top of the Craigieburn Grasslands.
Anna Topalidou joined us today, and once again Lesley and I felt we had the right person for the job. We had a lot of squeezing through tight spots, gorse and rocky creek crossings. Anna was up for it.
We are now in the large 'family' tent being tortured by bad radio and our three daughters.
It is dark and I need to contemplate today before I can write about it properly... We had some interesting encounters, including four men out hunting for feral animals. Lockerbie was quite beautiful in a pine forestry sort of way, and lots of indigenous plants were persisting. South of there the gorse was impenetrable and the creek seemed less healthy.
We made a massive detour at the end of the day to avoid walking on Austral bricks land and another private land owner who asked us not to walk their stretch of creek.


  1. What are the purple flowers?

  2. Persicaria decipiens
    Slender Knotweed
    It is aquatic and the leaves look like Vietnamese mint.
    We are now on crown land for the first time.... With factories buzzing between us and the Hume.

  3. Which particular feral animals? Cats? Rats? Foxes?
    Longing to quote 'When the pods went pop on the broom green broom' but no pictures of weeds per se yet.

    1. I was wondering that too. But as they where out during the day I was wondering whether it was pigs or rabbits. I assume it was the during daylight otherwise it would be melbourne plentiful foxes I guess.

    2. They said they were hunting rabbits, foxes, wild goats... Probably anything that moves!
      We have seen about a dozen foxes- all in daylight. And in fact Lesley and I were discussing how nocturnal they actually are.

  4. Enjoying following your journey. Lovely skyscapes/cloudscapes flowers. Amazingly varied. How unexpected are some of the scenes, objets you find?


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