Sunday, 7 April 2013

Now the dust has settled...

On finishing the walk we rushed to Adelaide for the wedding of the Millennium. I am back in Melbourne now and back to thinking about the walk.

Thank you everyone who helped make it happen so smoothly. *

Firstly I would like to thank Freya Mathews, whose book Journey to the Source of the Merri inspired me to also walk the Merri and to re-trace her steps of 13 years ago (albeit in the other direction). The book and subsequent conversation has been invaluable.

I would like to thank all the land owners who allowed us to walk through their properties. Describing an artwork before it is made, or trying to describe the processes involved in making art can be tricky. So I thank you all for trusting that what I was trying to explain was indeed what I was setting out to do.

I would also particularly like to thank everyone who let us stay over, or took the time to meet with me prior to the walk. In addition to the people listed below, thank you Melinda Hobson, for maps, cups of tea and advice!

Everyone at MCMC - especially Tony Faithfull, Luisa McMillan, Angela Foley, Brian Bainbridge, Katrina Roberg, Ray Radford and Ben North.

Thanks also go to the ANU School of Art: Patsy Payne, Raquel Ormella, Anne Brennan, Helen Ennis and John Pratt. And specially to Barbara McConchie, who maintained good humour and patience while hauling me over the line with all the official ANU paper work. Thanks Barb!

Finally I am most grateful to Vicki Penko who discussed riparian rights of way and the history of these laws in Victoria ad infinitum. Thanks Vicki, and soon we will have that coffee!!

Gil and Helen Berry - Keeper's of the Source, and magnificent raconteurs and hosts!
Michael Daunt
Barbara Brereton
The McDonalds
Ron and Family
Gaye and Family
Claudia and David and the Wallan Scouts
Ruth and Michael for a lovely lunch
Potential dye stuffs from Day One

Potential Dyestuffs collected on Day Two

Austral Bricks & 'Walnarring'
The Hauffe Family
Scott and Vic Barrow
Kate Looker (Bec and Woody!)

Katrina for walking and sharing her knowledge.

Greg Heffernan
Hannah Marriott (great sleepover and lovely heater!!)

Caroline Henbest, for opening our ears and being such a great sport.

Pine from Lockerbie, Day three Dyestuffs

mostly weeds

Mineral Springs, Macedonian Orthodox Church (Father Gavril)
Steve Copeland
Margaret and Richie Lloyd
The Glides
Charlie Bonavia
Margaret Walker and Pete the horse
Anna Topalidou, for fancy sandwiches and nimbleness
Zoe and Holly - you were there in spirit.

Prickly pear, charcoal, common reed etc.


Brendan Sullivan (Parks Victoria)
Lesley, for coping with prickles and rain.
Dave for the Cedar's Bakery lunch.

Pipeworks lopped trees, ready for homewares store and more

Dye stuffs, under the expert guidance of Ilka.
Brian and Colleen

Tony Birch (walker and lunch bringer)

Georgina for the best meat-balls EVER


Fellow walkers:
Roseanne Bartley
Ilka While
Jacqui Chan
Eliza, Aphra and Romola

DAVE for champagne & baklava

Everyone who joined us at the confluence.... thank you for coming

* Any omissions are purely my own human error, and I am very sorry. Others who have been fab: Mazza Frommer, my family and friends, and of course the Weichelt/Harding crew.... notching up all those km's on the Hume.


  1. Big thanks right back to you Rebecca! For doing all the preparation work for the walk and welcoming me on this first two fabulous days. As wwalked learnt a lot about the Merri and the context of my work with Big thanks right back to you Rebecca! For doing all the preparation work for the walk and welcoming me on this first two fabulous days. As we walked I learnt a lot about the Merri and the context f my work at MCMC.
    I also had heaps of FUN!


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