Sunday, 7 April 2013

Walk stats

0: arguments (nice work!)

1/3: amount of Indian take-away consumed (Day Four, Dave feeding an army)

1: tumble in the Creek (Rebecca, Day Five)

1: homeless sleep out (near Pipeworks, very tidy)

1: blue tongue lizard

1: blister (Rebecca - pinky toe)

1: man with large shiny knife

2: nights in the tent

2: injured kangaroos

2: flight or fight moments (perilous creek crossings inducing fast heart rate in L)

3: snakes, 1 brown and 2 tiger, the latter sighted on the last day, in suburbia

3: rabbit exterminators (human - with ferrets and dogs)

4: no. of times first aid kit required

4: hunters with guns

4: falls

4: hot showers each

5: animal carcasses (fox, cow, mare, sheep, roo - parts only)

5: muesli breakfasts

6: co-walkers

6: wet socks (3 pairs)

6: hot dinners

7: shots fired by gun-wielding hunters

7: picnic lunches

12: foxes (approx)

20: swamp wallabies

25: fences climbed on Day Two

100: largest mob of kangaroos, Day Four

102: kilometres walked

672: kilometres travelled by support team


  1. How did you work out the KM's travelled by support crew?

  2. Sounds like a lot of Kms by the support crew. and 25 fences on day 2!

  3. Yes! That's why I wonder how Lesley came to that figure. Environmentally it is a pretty average stat.

  4. Enlisted David's help! And Google maps.


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